Local Business Listings

Traditionally, local businesses have turned to ink-and-paper yellow pages to reach their target audience. Not anymore. If you are only listed in old fashioned print directories, you are missing out on over half your market.

Look at the facts:[custom_list style=”list-7″]

  •  31% of people use search engines as their primary source for local business information.
  • Another 21% look to internet yellow page sites.
  • And 12% use their cell phone or other personal wireless device to find local businesses.


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Together, that’s 64% of the market, more than double the 28% that are looking to the paper directory. If you’re only in that yellow book, and not in any of those online listings, you are essentially ensuring your invisibility when potential customers come looking for you. Even if your business does not have a website (but especially if you do), it’s essential that you be listed in online local business listings so people can access your address, telephone number, business hours, etc.


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