Factors That Impact Your On Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, typically comprises two distinct and different strategies…optimization of the website itself , known as “on page” optimization, and boosting the authority of the website in the eyes of the search engines, known as “off page” optimization. Though both SEO activities should be utilized for greatest impact, you should focus on […]

Keys To Generating And Maintaining Website Traffic

 An increase in new customers and potential earnings can be made using internet marketing. Here are some key pointers to help you in your quest to build traffic to your site and make sure visitors return frequently. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one key way to attract traffic. If the search engines do not notice […]

Didn’t My Website Designer SEO My Site?

This post isn’t likely to make me any friends from my colleagues in the Web Design community but as they say…”sometimes, the truth hurts.” Generally, the problem is that the “left hand” has no idea what the “right hand” is doing. The end result is that important details involving your site are left undone. In […]

Local SEO: 10 Things You Should Know

Research has shown that 74% of search engine users perform local searches, with 43% of search engine users seeking a local business or service to make a purchase offline.  This is great news for local businesses and service providers, but only if they have a web presence that has been search engine optimized. The following ten […]

Social Media for Local Business: Making It Matter

Social media can be a useful tool for local businesses, provided it is used correctly. Social media marketing puts your message in front of your current and potential customers. With it they might post negative reviews, criticize your product or service, and recommend potential clients to stay away from your business. Customers can rave about […]

Get New Customers Now!

What you need to know about local listings How are potential customers finding you these days? Are they using telephone books and newspapers? Are they searching the streets, hunting for your particular business or service? Today’s potential customers and clients are going to the major search engines, like Google, and typing in “exactly” what they are looking […]